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Anthem Arcade is a performance, featuring dynamic, energetic musicians, staging, and set lists all curated to bring the action and excitement of an arena rock concert to any venue. Relive the epic performances, songs, and bands that defined the era of big stadium concerts, rocking out and singing along to all your favorites, plus some gems you almost forgot about.

Band Members:

  • Wade Walton - Vocals and Guitars

  • Michelle Marquette - Vocals and Keyboards

  • Mike Bassick - Bass and Vocals

  • Jim Marquette - Drums and Percussion


  • All back-line, instruments, and lighting can be provided by the band

  • 2 - 4 15 amp 110 volt clean grounded electrical circuits to support LED Lighting and Instruments

  • In-Ear Monitors are used by the band with the monitor mixer provided by band.

  • Stage Size should be no smaller than 12'x10' (3.65m x 3m)

  • Outdoor gigs - please provide a covered stage for shade

  • Load in parking near the stage entrance

  • Payment upon completion of the show


Stage Plot and Mixer Input List Requirement:


  • 8 bottles of water - chilled

  • Changing area

  • Food and Bar privileges are appreciated


Jim Marquette (484-995-0552)

Wade Walton (610-608-8641)

Sound & Staging:

Anthem Arcade's tribute performance is scaled to the venue. Because we've played all venue sizes over the years, our PA and lighting are designed to accommodate not only large outdoor venues like amphitheaters but also clubs, restaurants, and even house parties. We can also plug directly into a venue's existing PA and/or lighting systems.

Our "silent stage" means that all instruments, even drums, and percussion, are direct-in (DI) to the mixing console. This provides exceptional volume control and ensures that no matter the venue, our show will fit. All performers use in-ear monitoring (IEM), further reducing sound onstage and eliminating floor monitors. 

Check out a video demonstration of our "silent stage" here!

Visual effects including still and motion lights are used to create energy and excitement during the performance. Stage fog is used when appropriate and with prior permission to enhance the overall rock concert feel.

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