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Anthem Arcade is a performance, featuring dynamic, energetic musicians, staging, and set lists all curated to bring the action and excitement of an arena rock concert to any venue. Relive the epic performances, songs, and bands that defined the era of big stadium concerts, rocking out and singing along to all your favorites, plus some gems you almost forgot about.

Wade Walton (Ted Zepplin)

 Vocals and Guitars
As a lifelong musician, bringing the iconic frontman/guitarist Ted Zepplin to life in Anthem Arcade is a dream come true for Wade. Wade plays Gibson and PRS guitars; amplification by Hughes & Kettner and Blackstar. Special effects by Morley, MXR and TC Electronics.

Michelle Marquette (Nyx)

Vocals / Keys
Taking the stage as Nyx is the culmination of Michelle's childhood rock 'n roll fantasy to perform like the great female rock/pop icons of the 1980s. She loves the creativity and challenges of recreating the big arena experience with Anthem Arcade. Michelle plays Roland Keyboards and uses Sennheiser and sE Electronics Microphones.

Walton Marquette Project_7606.jpg

Mike Bassick (Jack Diamond)

Bass / Vocals
Jack Diamond is the embodiment of the influence that rock and roll has had on Mike.  Reared on the earliest arena acts, he loves holding down the bottom end for Anthem Arcade.  Mike proudly plays Spector basses, because nothing is sexier.

Jim Marquette (Neil Stewart Chambers)

Drums and Percussion
Neil Stewart Chambers is heavily influenced by three of the greatest rock drummers; Neil Peart, Stewart Copeland, and Martin Chambers. His playing is replete with style and licks reminiscent of these great players. He has been playing all his life and currently plays on Gretsch Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Alesis Electronics, and LP Percussion.


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